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Welcome to DOT Compliance Consultants, L.L.C.

Motor Carrier Consulting & Safety Services

Experience that Keeps You Hauling

Over 55 years experience in the Motor Carrier Transportation Industry.


Helping Solve Your Motor Carrier Compliance, Safety and Training Needs.

  • Fleet Compliance & Safety Evaluations
  • Mock Compliance Reviews and New Entrant Audits
  • Entry Level Carrier Evaluations and Assistance
  • Loss Control Inspections: Commercial Auto, General Liability, Work Comp, and Property
  • Road Patrol-Vehicle Observation
  • Crash Assistance
  • Driver and Supervisor Training
  • Set Up and and/or Maintenance of Driver Qualification Files, 
    Drug & Alcohol Files and Vehicle Maintenance Files
  • Risk Management (to improve insurability)
  • Expert Witness in DOT Motor Carrier Regulations
  • Safety Management Plans (SMP), Corrective Action Plans (CAP)
  • DataQ Challenges Filed
  • Other Safety, Compliance, and Training Services As Needed, Contract, Long Term, Short Term, or One Time!

Serving motor carriers and helping motor carriers remain compliant in Federal and State DOT regulations in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Western Illinois and Missouri. Other States with special arrangements.

Compliance, Safety, Accountability - csa.fmcsa.dot.gov

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After the DOT Comes Calling, Will You Still Be Hauling?


Outsource Your DOT Compliance and Safety needs to us.

Compliance Review Factors Are:
  • Factor 1 — General
  • Factor 2 — Driver
  • Factor 3 — Operational
  • Factor 4 — Vehicle
  • Factor 5 — Hazardous materials
  • Factor 6 — Accidents

At present it is advisable to raise a Conditional rating to Satisfactory or Non-Ratable. You must know and correct all of the violations in your Compliance Review or Safety Audit. You must address each Part B violation and the reason for the Violation and how you are going to correct that particular violation, and how the carrier is going to prevent the violation from occurring again. You will need to send proof, of correction of all Part B Violations that were corrected and how they were corrected. You must insure that your carrier is compliant and the issues found during your review are corrected. A carrier with an "Unsatisfactory Rating" has only 45-60 days, depending on the type of carrier, to make the necessary corrections. A carrier with an "Conditional Rating" may find their insurance rates going up and Shippers and Brokers, may not want to use a carrier with a "Conditional Rating" An "Conditional Rating" should be corrected also. It is also advisable to retain the services of a third party consultant to review your factors for compliance and help or do the "Upgrade Request." We can help, contact us.


>> After the DOT comes calling, will you still be hauling? We can help, contact us.